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Team BIGFOOT has completed its first test of BIGFOOT #20. What exactly is noteworthy about BIGFOOT #20? Well, to begin with, it represents the world's first monster trust with battery propulsion. Given the performance demanded by BIGFOOT, it then stands to reason that Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube would be involved. Dennis was the master behind the design and build of the electric motor used in BIGFOOT #20. Check out these pages for pictures and other details...


Bigfoot Goes Electric with Odyssey Batteries: World's Quietest Monster Truck Debuts at SEMA

Video: The All-Electric BIGFOOT #20 Monster Truck
Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube, electric motor craftsman extraordinaire, was featured on MachineDesign.com for his motor work. Here's the article...

How to hot rod an electric motor
When Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube reset his world record mark in Sacramento, California at 8.801 seconds, it was a tremendous accomplishment. Sure, records are made to be broken, and it was a given that this mark would fall. But few could have predicted just how this record would fall. Fast forward to December 15th, 2007. Dennis is making passes in Current Eliminator V at Speedworld Motorplex. 10.04 seconds. 8.84 seconds. 8.40 seconds. The record has fallen by four tenths of a second, but the night is not over for Dennis! 8.23 seconds. One more run left. 8.10 seconds at 153.6 miles per hour. Amazing what a new energy source can do, isn't it? Now powered by Altairnano's lithium-titanate batteries,we have only seen the beginning of what's in store for Dennis and Current Eliminator V. Though this mark is unofficial, this is just a sign of what's to come. Here's the official press release...

Electric-Powered Dragster Sets New World Speed Record
Here's another recent article on the Current Eliminator...

Welding Repair Service Tech Set World Records [...]
This is a historic year (2006) for Division 7 of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). Since the NHRA's inception in 1951, all of the top competitors in it's ranks have run on combustible fuels, this is the first time an all-electric vehicle has gone this far in the division finals for bracket racing.

Presently, Dennis is "Bracket Racing" the Current Eliminator V at Speedworld. Arizona is in Division 7 of the NHRA and he is the current points leader for the "Super Pro" Group.

The next important Local event at Speedworld in Surprise Az will occur on September 16 at 8:00 AM. This is the final local event of the season for Dennis' class.

As a result of this seasons racing, the top 4 from each track in Division 7 (Dennis is guaranteed to be in the top 4) will then go to Bakersfield California for the Division 7 "Race of Champions" on October 13 through 15. At that race the top 4 from each Division 7 track compete for the single winner from Division 7. http://www.nhra.com/aboutnhr/etseries.htm#finals.

The single winner from Division 7 will then go to Pomona California to compete in the overall "Race of Champions" for NHRA Bracket Racing on November 9 through 12. http://www.pomonaraceway.com/2006/schedule.html.

Dennis has as good a chance as any to make it to Pomona California. He is continually keeping his car in top condition and it shows with the results he has achived this year. All of us afilliated with Electric Vehicles can be proud of how far Dennis has taken the CE-V in the NHRA!

Background info

"Super Pro" is a category of the type of dragster and driver skill level. If you look at the standings, you will see Super Pro is the highest category of Bracket racers, essentially they are some of the best drivers and cars in bracket racing.

A "Division" is an area of the country - Division 7 is the southwestern division. There is one other electric dragster in Division 7 - Tracy Miller, and should be at the competition in Bakersfield CA on October 13-15. All the other cars are fueled dragsters. Bakersfield will be the race to find out who is the best in Division 7. http://www.nhra.com/aboutnhr/etseries.htm#finals

A note from Dennis

On Sept.8 PBS will be filming/doing an article on the CE at Speedworld at the ADRA points race.The CE will Not be just in the TEST an TUNE lane but will actually be racing the ice dragsters for points and $.Total winings this year for CE just over $3800.racing the ices.with the big buck races yet to come.

Points Race #5. Team Speedworld Summit Racing ET Series. 2:00am. 1st place. Need I say more? After yet another victory, Dennis and Current Eliminator V now have a strong lead in the Team Speedworld Super Pro Class!
After racing until 4:45am Sunday morning, Dennis and Current Eliminator V are now in 2nd place in the Team Speedworld Super Pro Class and just 10 points out of 1st place!
For the third time in three weeks, Dennis powered Current Eliminator V to the final round! After 15.5 hours at the track, Dennis came away with yet another victory.
Testing has been completed on the latest battery to be used in Current Eliminator IV. As a result, Current Eliminator now has a new record and over 3,000 total runs down the track! Of all the batteries tested thus far, this latest unit was by far the most power-dense and effective! Back in October of 2000, this battery was responsible for helping Dennis achieve a new WORLD record time of 8.801 under miserable track conditions in Sacramento, California! Additionally, Dennis's ever-improving battery management techniques have enabled him to achieve nearly 10 times as many life cycles on the batteries as his competitors using the same battery! While still capable of sub 9-second runs, Dennis's current batteries have well over 200 discharge cycles on them from all-out quarter mile runs! As the expected natural lifetime of the batteries approaches, a new battery is being sought for testing in Current Eliminator IV. Please contact us for an opportunity to conduct testing on your battery in Current Eliminator IV.
Current Eliminator IV is back in the 8's! After a few weeks at the track, Dennis made two runs back under 9 seconds on batteries that have several hundred cycles on them - and has even more to look forward to! When it comes time for the Colorado event next month, might there be a new record at 8.7? Visit CurrentEliminator.net to find out! This leaves it up to your imagination what records might be broken if Current Eliminator IV had a new battery pack
On March 9th and 10th, Current Eliminator IV traveled to the rain-plagued Las Vegas Motor Speedway. As the first official NEDRA event of 2001, Dennis and his dragster joined several other electric vehicles for two days of battery-draining excitement. But it was not to be After only a few Saturday practice runs, the event was postponed due to continued rain. Prior to the rain, Dennis was able to complete a small handful of practice runs, with nothing too eventful to report. Unfortunately, travel schedules forced many of the competitors (including Dennis) to leave before the rain-delayed event resumed Sunday afternoon.
To kick off the new millenium, Dennis has been to the track on several occasions already, running side-by-side with the gas-burners! In a three-week span of January and February, Current Eliminator IV reached at least the semifinals each time. The success began with Dennis placing in the top five in the first of the bracket race competitions. The very next weekend, he followed it up with a Second Place finish in the Pro Electronics Class at Speedworld Motorplex! As part of that competition, Dennis received a bye round for his perfect reaction time of 0.000 seconds in his previous run! Most recently (Sunday, February 4th), Current Eliminator IV reached the semifinals once again at Speedworld. Included in Dennis's runs were two perfect dial-in times of 10.920 seconds. Dennis made his way through the lineup, round by round, but was unfortunately eliminated in the semifinals with a 0.016 second red-light.

With consistent reaction times from Dennis's new delay box, consistent dial-in times, and several hours of off-track preparations, Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube and Current Eliminator truly are gaining large amounts of respect. A few weeks back, Dennis defeated the regularly top-placing contender and sent him to his trailer packing.

Well, in the last quarter of 2000, Dennis competed in "Ron's Fuel Injection Big Bucks Shootout," a 3-day competition in Tucson, Arizona offering $30,000 in prize money. Many people close to the Current Eliminator IV expected a good finish but it was not to be. A faulting onboard timing system left Dennis with terrible reaction times. The end result was an early exit for Current Eliminator IV. The long-term result: a new timing system was purchased!

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